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What made America great?

Posted On Dec 30 2017 by

Many people will say it is the market economy, or the way the economy operates here (free market economy). Business is everything in the US, and everything is business. Almost every service is provided by “for profit” companies, and many people would want to privatize the others as well. Privatize everything, and reduce the size of the goverment as much as possible. It is the American way, isnt’ it? At least this is what many Americans think. Less taxes, smaller goverment, less regulations, etc. They would prefer no goverment at all, if it was an option. I wonder if they …

Healthcare: Service or Business?

Posted On Dec 30 2017 by

Why do you think the healthcare system in this country is a mess? I think it is because it is not a “service”, but it is a “business” in this country. And it is not only my opinion. Many experts who voice opinion about the healthcare system have similar views. Many of you admire the health care systems of other nations, and wonder why they work but ours don’t. I will tell you why. It is because those countries you admire treat healthcare as a public service, such as building roads and bridges. But in the US, we treat it …

America has become a hateful country

Posted On Dec 30 2017 by

This country is so hateful. Towards muslims, mexicans, or foreigners in general. I am a foreign born US citizen, and I have been in this country since 1996. My impression of the country was a lot different back then. But I didn’t come here with an intention to stay. I was here as a graduate student. One of the many graduate students who come here every year to study in the US universities. More than 50% of all PhD students in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in the US are foreign students. Many return to their countries after …