Democracy and the Need for a Voter Certification Test

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I think the right to vote should be contingent upon passing a test to receive a “voter certification”.

Just like we pass a test to receive a driver’s license.

I understand it is a basic citizenship right in all the modern democracies, but I think it was not the right thing to do to allow anyone to vote.

Democracy is not something new. It existed in the Ancient Greek for a while, and then it disappeared from the face of the earth for thousands of years, reappearing again in the last century or two.

Even in those days the flaw of democracy was being seen. Plato said at the time that democracy won’t work if people are ignorant.

And people are always ignorant, aren’t they? This hasn’t changed since the time of Plato.

Look at the rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 election in the US, or many other politicians people elect all over the world.

Elections are usually not about policies, facts and figures, or ideas, they are about finding dirt on the other candidate, or raising money to be able to use media more effectively for a better PR campaign, etc. Demagogues win elections, not the intellectuals who actually know what they are talking about.

I think the solution to this is to change the law to make the right to vote contingent upon passing a test administered by the government.

If anyone thinks this limits freedoms, or against democracy, I want to ask if they think having to pass a test to become a stock broker, or an electrician, or a nurse is also against democracy? Or it limits freedoms?

We even have to pass a test to get a driver’s license, to drive a car.

If we don’t think any of these policies are against democracy, I think we shouldn’t object to a voter certification test.

I don’t think it is less dangerous to allow someone to vote when they are not qualified to vote, than to let them drive when they are not qualified to drive.

In fact, I think it is more dangerous.

The consequences of electing the wrong person for office is very dangerous, and it affects the whole society.

There are a lot of US citizens who wouldn’t be able to pass the US citizenship test that the naturalized citizens have to pass.

The content of the test the voters need to pass before they are eligible to vote can be similar to the US citizenship test in my opinion, and some other things can be added.

If someone doesn’t understand the branches of the government (legislative branch, executive branch and the judicial branch), and their functions, or the separation of powers principle, and why it exists, etc, that person shouldn’t be able to vote.

Or the responsibilities of the president, or different public offices, etc.

Or some basic knowledge of economy, such as the effect of rising interest rates to the economy, or the advantages and disadvantages of raising taxes, etc.

There are so many things a voter needs to understand, before they can make educated decisions about policy discussions, and the political ideas the candidates bring up.

The people who run for public office should also be required to pass a test, and maybe it should even be a more difficult test than the voter certification test.

The difficulty of the voter certification test can be made similar to the US citizenship test. Something people can pass eventually, if not the first time, just like the driver’s license test.

We shouldn’t make it too difficult, but some type of filtering in determining who is able to vote, or who is able to run for office is absolutely necessary in my opinion.


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