Healthcare: Service or Business?

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Why do you think the healthcare system in this country is a mess? I think it is because it is not a “service”, but it is a “business” in this country. And it is not only my opinion. Many experts who voice opinion about the healthcare system have similar views.

Many of you admire the health care systems of other nations, and wonder why they work but ours don’t. I will tell you why. It is because those countries you admire treat healthcare as a public service, such as building roads and bridges. But in the US, we treat it like a business.

We treat everything like a business here. It is the answer to everything. But there are certain things in my opinion, that should beĀ  considered public service, and healthcare should be one of them.

Defense of the country is one of them. So is public education. According to many Americans, it should end there. A lot of them may think even the education should’t be a public service. Many would be in favor of completely privatizing it as well.

But I disagree. There are certain things that should be the government’s job and responsibility, and I consider healthcare to be one of them.

US is the only major industrialized country that doesn’t have a nationalized healthcare system.

And no wonder many Americans admire the healthcare systems of other countries, but cannot figure out what makes theirs work and ours not.

The “single payer system” as it is called here, is the answer in my opinion. Now, it is almost like a curse word here, for many Americans, I know that. Anything that makes the government bigger as opposed to smaller is despised here by most people.

But a paradigm shift is necessary to fix healthcare in this country. Continuing to let the health insurance companies run everything, and also let them buy politicians to make sure nothing changes will not fix anything.

Obamacare couldn’t fix it either, since it didn’t change the inherent problem in the system. It is still “for profit”, and the insurance companies are still the king. Obamacare tried to make it better, and reduced the power of the insurance companies a little, but not to a degree that will make any difference. It is still the public that will suffer the consequences. Insurance companies will simply shift their extra cost to the customers, which will make healthcare even more expensive. This trend was already there, and Obamacare just accelerated it in my opinion, when it was trying to make it better.

During a friendly chat with the neignbors, a typical republican/Obama hater neighbor was commenting on the Canadian healthcare system. They were trying to figure out why people are happy with the system there, but not here. He thought that it was an illusion that it was better there. He said they don’t have as much coverage as we do here.

Now, I don’t know what Canadian system is like, and if there is any truth to what this neighbor was saying. But what caught my attention is that he was looking at the issue in terms of “coverage”. It is still an American way of looking at things. From the perspective of someone who deals with insurance plans that may cover one thing but may not cover some other thing.

Growing up in a country that had a nationalized healthcare system, the concept of “coverage” as it relates to healthcare was foreign to me, when I first moved to the US. I learned it here. We didn’t think about, or worry about healthcare “coverage” back home. Or whether this surgery was covered versus that surgery. You were either covered, or not covered at all. Meaning, whether you qualified for government healthcare, or not. If you were paying taxes, or were a dependent of someone who is paying taxes, then you were covered. And when you were covered, you were covered for everything.

It is the “business” and “insurance” mentality that sees it in terms of what is covered and what is not.

This told me right there that this neighbor still didn’t get it. He had no idea what makes the system in this country different than others that many Americans admire.

You never see a medical bill in many of those countries with nationalized health plans. You don’t have to worry about whether a certain operation will be covered, as opposed to another one. You won’t have to call the health care provider, and then the insurance company, and then the healthcare provider again, to straighten out which portion of the bill will be paid by whom, and what is your responsibility, and what is theirs, etc. You won’t be caught in the middle of a disagreement between the doctor and the insurance, pulling your hair and trying to get your bills paid.

There is no coverage. You just go to the doctor, show your card, or whatever, and then forget about the financial side of things. It will be taken care of. You just need to worry about how to get better.

And the consequence of this could be paying higher taxes, I know. But if Americans experienced it, they would love it I believe.


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